Thursday, June 16, 2011

California Dems Pass Gas, I Mean Budget

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The LA Times read "California Democrats pass budget with taxes, cuts and tricks.",0,504864,full.story

OK, if even la Times calls out the Democrats it has to be REALLY bad. It is a budget that calls on Governor Brown to break two campaign promises and uses very creative math. The Times put it like this,
But their blueprint puts Brown in a political pickle. It asks him to break two pledges central to his campaign for governor: no new taxes without voter approval and no more smoke-and-mirrors budgeting.
So, the Democrats in office show their true colors. They want to shove taxes down our throats and they have no qualms about using deceptive measures to make themselves look as if they have actually done something of value. Then, the Democrats, like Gardena Representative Warren Furutani has the nerve to get all "offended" by Republicans calling him out. Hey Warren, sit your stretchy pants suit down. Listen Fatani, if Gardena is the showcase of your leadership, God help us all.

The best part of their "plan" is to cut spending on higher education, thus raising tuition and making education harder for the average working family to afford and reducing funds to the court system which would make justice even harder to come by. Ah, the creative brilliance of Democrats.

And to think that Californians made it easier for the Democrats to punish us all by voting for a less than 2/3 majority vote on budgets like this. Way to leave us all defenseless! Now, the minority has NO voice and can in not protect us all. For all of you who voted for the bill and for all these knuckleheads like Fatani. Thanks for nothing. 
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