Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hahn vs. Huey on No Tax Tuesday 6 14 11 Edition

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This is a gimme. Hahn is a born and bread liberal tax and spend, or is that spend and tax, Democrat who loves to play the "tax the rich" card. Truthfully she wants to tax the living crap out of each and every hard working person with a job and and a backbone. Unless of course you are an oil company in her home town.

Janice Hahn is in favor of taxing pot dispensaries. Very creative Janice, way to think outside the box. What's that? Pass the chips?

She also has vacillated on taxing the rich oil companies. Hahn introduced measure O which would impose an oil severance tax on oil extracted within city limits. Now, she opposes her own measure. It seems the companies in her home town complained that it would harm them financially. Follow the money.

In total contrast to Janice Hahn we have Craig Huey, a businessman who has actually personally provided jobs for others. He understands what it takes to bring businesses back to the South Bay and to help the economy grow. The myth of the green job is nothing more than a myth and an attempt to control business via the government. Craig Huey understands this because he has been there as a businessman. Janice Hahn will vacillate her views according to who pays her the most money. Huey is not asking for money, he's asking for an opportunity to help businesses, not government, provide jobs. 

So, the choice here in the South Bay, will be between old time liberal Democratic values, which are failing the South Bay as jobs leave at alarming rates, and the old American values of hard work and less government. Let the money go to the people without the government getting their  sticky fingers on your hard earned money.

Huey = jobs and more money for working people. Hahn = more taxes and less money for working people. You make the vote.
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