Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Excuse My Addiction and Those Who Run Our Dysfunctional Government

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Yesterday at work I checked my personal e-mail. I had to go through a special process and filter that gives you a window of time to operate. I checked my e-mail and my calendar because Google is not part of my company. I felt a bit guilty, even though my Google Calendar has my work events on it. Isn't that called my conscience? Don't you assume those you vote into office have a conscience too?

When I watch my elected government officials I wonder if they have even heard of a conscience. Michelle Malkin questions how politicians police and "punish" themselves in Capital Hill's Other Dirty Laundry As a teacher I understand that sometimes the foxes can't guard the hen-house. We don't do a good job of policing ourselves. Maybe an independent citizen led group should serve, sort of like jury duty?

Ruth Marcus does a great job of discussing how we view immoral actions. Follow the link . I believe as move away from the ideas of right and wrong, sin and evil, we loose our moral base and anarchy ensues. The most pathetic and dangerous responses to Weiner-gate have been from people who say he's just a man, men are pigs, what do you expect? Same thing my wife expects of me, not to be a pig.
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