Saturday, June 4, 2011

Loose Cannon Fire for 6 4 11

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Ready, aim, FIRE...

When a "progressive" says "reform" that only means they want people to THINK it's a positive thing.
Would letting in anyone help everyone?
Who wouldn't claim amnesty?
If there isn't enough jobs for everyone now, why allow more, except to gain votes?

Of course someone from la Times would think it's right on, they think a greater tax burden would help too.

Too little and way too late!!
The POTUS should of been dealing with this mess when he first became President. After all, he did boast that if HE was President he would lower gas prices to near $2.00 per gallon if not lower!
He did burden the entire country with a health care plan and bail outs that have indentured generations to pay for his brand of Hope and Change. What has changed? Every part of my health care has doubled. I pay almost double for gas. I have to live on less, or work more to maintain the same standard of living I had before Obama came into office.

Reality check. Which side wants the other side wiped off the map?
Giving anything to the Palestinians in exchange or hope for peace is like giving money to extortionists in the hope that they will not continue to extort you.
Trying to deal with terrorist groups like Hamas, who runs the Palistinian government, by offering land for peace, is like giving a drug addict one last hit because they promise to never ask again.

Good for Chiang! Let's see if those brainless surgeons in Sactown can actually balance the budget without enslave us with more taxes.
Something has to give and it should not be working peoples money.

John Edwards didn't break the law?
When you don't believe you will one day answer to THE JUDGE, the truth is only what you can manipulate it to be.
The leftist press? Thanks for manipulated truth at its' best.
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