Tuesday, June 21, 2011

No Tax Tuesday or Doofenshmirtz on Taxes 6 21 11 Edition

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How many times do people have to say it before the politicians hear it. NO MORE TAXES!!!

Yet, what is Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown really trying to do? Continue high taxes and ask for more. What does the President really want to do? Raise more taxes, redistribute your wealth. What does Congress want to do? Raise your taxes. 

Career politicians don't want to help people, they just want to manipulate them and exercise control. It is not about helping people, it is about controlling them. That is why politicians like Brown, Lieu and Janice Hahn are more concerned with keeping programs that can buy votes than actually helping the economy and providing true lasting jobs and stability. For some common sense ideas see Craig Huey @ www.CraigHuey.com

If the California legislature really wanted to balance the budget and if Jerry Brown was truly trying to cut spending he would consider the expenses that suck the life out of state. Jerry vetoed the Democratic the budget authored by Democrats and rammed through by Democrats, which under the wise old law would not have been passed because it could not muster a 2/3 majority. Yet, Jerry Brown blames Republicans for the budgets obvious failings. Hello McFly! That's politics, blame your opponents for your failings. Who voted in these financially and truth challenged Doofenshmirtz? 
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