Monday, June 20, 2011

It's Good to be a Dad

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Yesterday my two oldest sons took the whole family out to breakfast, and paid! Thanks fellas, it was great! I love going out to breakfast. But, going out with the whole family and enjoying it, that was truly good. 

I'd like to thank my father for a few things he taught me. Not really by saying it, but by living it.

My dad taught me to always do what was right no matter what anyone else around you says or does.

Dad also taught me to treat everyone fairly and with respect. Dad never said much about equality and stuff like that, he just lived as if everyone was the same. It is more than just referring to people as Sir or Ma'am or shaking their hand and looking them in the eye. My parents moved a few times and dad had the same movers move them. What stuck with me is the way he talked to and treated the men who were moving us. He called them sir or by name. He remembered there children and asked specifically about them. Their race, color or job had zero effect on how dad spoke with them or treated them. And you could tell they knew my dad only saw them as men providing for their families. 

After my parents moved from the city to the mountains dad did some general contracting. Luis, who did the landscaping for dad was probably one of dad best friends. I would often come home from work and see them drinking ice tea and just talking. I don't think it was just about work. 

I once applied for a job and the contractor said, "Your his son! I'd do anything for him. You'll always get paid and he treats people right. If you're his son, your hired!"

Yesterday was Father's Day but today we go back to the business of truly being dads.
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