Saturday, June 25, 2011

Loose Cannon Fire: 6 25 11

Cannon fire in Burton, OhioImage by joiseyshowaa via Flickr
Avast ya scurvy bloggers! Fire at will!!

How does this "character flaw" not affect the way Weiner has done his job?
$50 says he was Tweeting on while on the job.
Would most other people be able to keep their job if caught sexting and lying?
Does being honest and being a good politician have anything to do with each other? It should...

(To a lady defending Weiner) I'll bet you'd feel differently if it was your spouse.
The problem with people like you is you make an excuse for men and then call us dumb.
He is the politician who voted to rip us off via the banks, wall street, etc.!
Isn't his Twitter account for political purposes. Using his political status to get off is bit more than just being horny.
Being a grown up tells me you think you know more than you actually do ;)

On the other end of the country we have a Weiner trying to be cyber Flash Gordon but Palin's emails are the hot topic.
This is a perfect example of the leftist media on a witch hunt.
To the people who wasted tax payers money to do this. Thanks for wasting money again.

Craig Huey would never put out this video, true as it is.
Jaice Hahn's people have already attack Huey with the usual liberal crap about favoring the rich and all.
What worries me is that the people who would vote for Jerry Brown and gavin Newson would vote for Hahn too.
Janice Hahn's add is like a schoolyard bully telling one kid that some other kid doesn't like them. You know, "'Those Republicans hate people of color." Wake up people!

Two reasons (at least). For minorities falling behind educationally.
#1. Making every student take Algebra, even in 8th grade. Stupid idea. Does Japan or Europe do that? No. I am in education and the only time I have used Algebra in the last 30 plus years is when I have stood in for a fellow teacher for a class or two. The only thing forcing every child to take Algebra does is make many feel stupid.
#2. The Democratic led government is pricing higher education right out of the reach of working class people. See the latest Democratic budget for California. Soon only the rich and entitled will be able to afford college.
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