Monday, May 23, 2011

Hey, Israel, just give back the land...really?

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President Obama has called for peace via a return to the pre-1967 borders for Israel and it's "neighbors". 

That's the great thinkers big idea? So, I can see it now President Obama, the peace-maker, says to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, "Hey! Why don't you just let your sworn enemies move closer to you? It will be great! I think it will make them stop wanting to destroy Israel."

This is the great thinkers great idea? Are you kidding me!? Great thinker my...

Speaking of land for peace, wasn't that what Hitler called for at the beginning of WWII? Great minds think alike.

I am astounded by both the arrogance and the ignorance of President Obama. The arrogance that he might actually think he can talk Israel into giving back land. Well, it is actually more than land it is strategic position. I know BO loves to think of himself as audacious, and the thought that he can broker a peace in the middle east is nothing short of that. The ignorance that fails to recognize that no one can change the reality that Palestinian beliefs do not allow for an Israeli existence.  No matter how much land you give Palestine, Palestine will not be satisfied without the annihilation of the state of Israel. 

I would suggest that the President's plan is like suggesting that the U.S.A. return to the pre1845 American-Mexico borders to solve the immigration and drug problem, but,  since I live in SoCal I don't want to risk ending up living in TJ Norte.
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