Friday, May 27, 2011

Flush 'em Friday: The 5 27 11 Edition

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Welcome to Flush 'em Friday, the 5 27 11 Edition.
Let's get to it with the people, things or whatever might be that annoys, bothers, and/or makes me wait longer than I want to.

Below is this weeks list of flushees:

  • Poodles and chihuahuas for being pretentiousness and neurotic extensions of their owners.
  • People who own poodles and chihuahuas for being pretentious and neurotic enough to own at least one and be seen in public with walking or holding one. (Several other small but otherwise useless breeds may be included)
  • Women who are over 40 and shop at Forever 21. You not. Act your age. 
  • Barney Frank for being such a cotton-headed ninny muffin (see Elf: useless elf)
  • Janice Hahn for having such novel ideas as taxing pot distributors...
  • Teacher's Unions for wanting to "save jobs" rather than create job creators...
  •  People who take up two parking spaces...
Feel free to send me your additions...
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