Tuesday, May 24, 2011

No Tax Tuesday: Hahn vs. Huey or She'll tax, He'll tax me not 5 24 11 Edition

Well California are you tired of the likes of Janice Hahn yet? Are you fed up with the fantasy that you can spend your way to prosperity policies of our current government?

On July 12th we have a opportunity to radically shift the power and policies of the people that are extorting our lives work away on empty promises, also known as the Democratic Party.

We have Janice Hahn who has done little to nothing to help her home town of San Pedro to grow. She has led the way with innovative ideas like taxing pot dispensaries. Even if she did pull it off how much tax revenue would that really create? Most of the pot is sold on the streets of her hometown in the "non-taxed" marketplace.

The following is a little blurb from CBS 8 in San Diego:

Craig's commonsense approach is at odds with the fantasy economics of Janice Hahn.
Hahn = Higher taxes, hurts the economy
Huey = Lower taxes, creates an economic boom
Hahn = More debt, destroys the economy
Huey = No debt, creates economic growth
Hahn = More govt. policies, destroys jobs
Huey = Economic stability, creates jobs
Hahn = More govt. spending, raises prices
Huey = Control spending, lowers prices

On July 12th there will be a clear difference Craig Huey and Janice Hahn. Janice Hahn like Jerry Brown only knows how to create taxes, not jobs. Craig Huey knows how to create jobs, not taxes.  
California, you make the call. 

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  1. Yes you are right Hahn has not seen a tax she didn't like. Why do the smart people like teachers vote for a tax thief like Hahn? The Democratic party started the Vietnam war (Kennedy), Took all the Social Security money (Johnson), The Republicans stopped the Vietnam war (Nixon) Ended slavery (Lincoln) yet the dumb side of the Blacks and Teachers still think the Democratic party is the way to go!