Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thanks to the Scout House Old Guard

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Last night I attended a meeting for the Scout House where my son Cub Scout Pack meets a few times a month. Why? Because I want my son to have a great experience with scouting. Isn't that why we as parents  do anything?

As the meeting progressed I became more involved in the discussions involving things like Spaghetti Dinners, people who aren't paying rent, and floors that need to be redone. What I appreciate are the people who have been there for years working behind the scenes making sure that Cub Scout, Boy  Scouts, and Girl Scouts can have a place to meet.

Now, how do I fit into all this? Me, I guess my personality does not allow me to just be a recipient, but, I feel compelled to be an active member at whatever I am involved with. I am blessed that there are people like the leaders of my Scout House to lead me.

So, here's to the old guard who is trying to train up the next guard. Thanks!
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