Tuesday, April 12, 2011

No Tax Tuesday 4 12 11 Edition

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Hello and Happy No Tax Tuesday!

Message to California Governor Jerry Brown: No.

I  can not pay any more taxes. I do not want to pay anymore taxes. I do not see any reason to pay any more taxes. 

To the contrary, I want less taxation. I want to pay less taxes. I do not see any reason that my taxes should not be lowered. Yes, Governor Brown, I hear you blathering nonsense about there being no other way to "fix" the budget, but, it sounds like the same old tune where I (the tax payer) gets the shaft and you the "leader" just passes the buck of responsibility of  decision making on to the tax payer. Horrible leadership. 

Where does all the money go right now? Every time I fill up my car with gasoline I notice that a huge percentage of the per-gallon cost is taxes! Where is that money going? What is the state government doing with the tax revenue it extracts from  the tax paying working class?

In short, I do not want to pay more taxes, I want the government to what I am doing and what they would be forcing me to do: make do with less, do more with less, live below your means.

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