Friday, March 18, 2011

Flush 'em Friday 3 18 11 Edition

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Welcome everyone and anyone to the 3 18 11 edition of Flush 'em Friday!
This week I would like to flush:

1. The USC and Louisville men's basketball teams for completely messing up my bracket predictions!

2. My healthcare provider for "losing" some disks with some of my personal information on them!

3. Anti-war Democratic Rep. Lynn Woolsey  for being foolish enough to think you can "give peace a chance" with the likes of the Taliban.

4. The POTUS for worrying about bullying rather than world bullies like Gadhafi.

5. The POTUS for golfing and vacationing more than me.

6. Los Angeles voters for re-electing the same group of fools that screwed things up.

7. People driving upscale import cars while talking on their cell-phones. I don't mind or envy the cars, I do mind the erratic driving. Don't you people have Bluetooth?

OK, that's it for me this week but I am still waiting for you to put in your two cents.

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