Thursday, March 17, 2011

Liberals Love to Scape Goat

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I work with a lot of bleeding heart liberals and one of the frustrating parts of any conversation is the way they frame their questions. I think it is where they say, "But don't you think..." insert some phrase like, "Babies deserve health care? It's not their fault that they were born into poverty." While it is true that it is not the babies fault that it was born into poverty, it isn't mine either. 

There is the problem. Liberals love to set up a straw man scape goat in the form of the greedy, malicious, set on everyone else as they climb to the top, capitalistic rich people (usually white). Wealthy white liberals love to point  at all other (usually conservative) white and declare, "Those white rich people, not us". 

Well, I am tired of the liberal nonsense. There is a difference between a right and a right to pursue. The constitution speaks of the right to pursue happiness. Nowhere is happiness, healthcare, minimum wages, or much else guaranteed. Happiness is not guaranteed. I think our founding fathers knew that even if you got what you where pursuing you still might not be happy. But, the liberal dogma of "everybody deserves" demands that someone arbitrates who has too much and must redistribute from one person to another. That is where all dictatorships are born, in the egocentric heart and mind of those who think they will solve all the problems by making everything equal.

Think about it.
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