Monday, March 21, 2011

Are we in or not, Mr. President?

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One thing I have noticed about the President is his thoughtful lack of decision making process. I can respect that the President wants to get all the facts before he makes a decision. I get that sometimes waiting until the last possible moment before acting is one way of leading. But, the actions made after getting all the intel often seems...halfhearted. It reminds me of the two different approaches to getting into to a cold ocean, lake or stream. Either you piddle around and wade in hoping to get used to the cold or you just jump in. 

As President Obama takes us into the theater of war in the middle east by wading into the waters by ordering the firing of a few missiles I am greatly concerned. Of course I can count on my local network news agencies to sort of gloss over the whole are we going to war with Gadhafi thing. Not a lot of thought provoking journalism. So, I am not quite sure what the POTUS is doing, and it doesn't look like he does either.

I remember when a certain other president went to knock off a crazy madman of a leader named Hussein. He went in decisively, kicked some butt, chased him into a little whole in the ground and then pulled the vermin out by the scruff of his neck. That's how you take down a bully. Gadhafi is nothing but a bully on a global scale. President Obama needs to decide if he wants Gadhafi in or out. If he wants him out. Tell Gadhafi he has until yesterday to get out and then go get the madman. I suggest a general warning to all of Libya that we are going to blow his asterisk off the face of this earth. So, move away from him. It looks like Obama's method is to throw a few rocks, hide behind a fence and offer a stern verbal warning. 
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