Tuesday, March 22, 2011

No Tax Tuesday: The Internet? 3 22 11

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Well, I guess I shouldn't be surprised that anything Al Gore claims to have invented the liberals would want to tax the life out of it. Do the words repressive and progressive go together in the minds of liberals? (Yes.) Does the government need more money? (No.)

Now I know that politicians are feverishly seeking ways to generate more tax revenue rather than do the real hard work and cut the fat of their pork projects and entitlement programs. So, rather than seek the betterment of the citizens they claim to represent they are in the words of one former Democratic candidate for President, "I'm going to tax the hell out of these people." Again, who gains? Not me.

I call on citizens in all 50 states to tell their Senators and Representatives to find ways to ease the tax burden, not add to it. Any tax on anything can not be tolerated! Well, maybe a tax levied on any politician who votes to increase taxes!  
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