Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wilkileaks: Pro of Con

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The good book says that if  someone speaks with the tongue of men or angels but has not love he is but a clanging symbol. Is Julian really altruistic in his motives? Or is he just an American hater? 

Julian Assange, of Wilileaks claims to seek truth via transparency. It has been said many times that you could tell a tree by its fruits. The proof is in the pudding. Well, what is the fruit of Mr. Assanges' efforts? Are they helpful or harmful? When I was in college I met guy who was hell bent on "being truthful and honest." I remember he told this young lady she was fat. The young lady was a bit over weight but far from obese. Of course it hurt her feelings. But, according to Mr.Just Saying It Like It Is, he was just being honest. I told him he was a horses ass. Just being honest. The point is that some people use the idea of openness and honesty as  an excuse for their meanness and spitefulness. 

Wikileaks and their reports sort of reminds me of my children. You can tell when one of your beloved angels is "telling" on their sibling because of some real eminant danger or because they are just trying to get their sybling in trouble. A quick look at the Wikileaks site and you see what is really on the mind of Mr. Assange: "Cablegate:250,000 US Embassy Diplomatic Cables", "War Diary: Iran War Logs", "War Diary: Afghanistan War Logs", "Video: Collateral Murder." All against the United States. Nothing about his homeland. Is he still allowed to live there?

The problem for the current administration is that it enjoyed this type of information about Bush and the Republicans and found it a useful tool in their smear campaign against the right. But, the immaturity of it all is seen in that it wasn't just opinions against Bush and the Republicans, it (to the rest of the world) was against the United States of America regardless of political affiliation. You know, cut off your nose despite your face foolishness.

Back to Wikileaks and Julian Assange. Is the release of documents helping America? I don't see it. He can claim openness and all the crap but, let's have a look at his computer files. I wonder where he has been? Julian Assange likes to come off like a crusader for truth but he sounds like clanging symbolism to me. 

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