Tuesday, November 30, 2010

No Tax Tuesday: I Say Have a Green Tuesday!

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Happy No tax Tuesday to you all!

My original thought was to have a day where no one had to pay taxes. We just had Black Friday and Cyber Monday, how about Green Tuesday because it would mean more green in each persons pocket? It would be the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving and on this grand day, no one would have to pay sales tax! I like it!

This is an idea that helps everyone. No matter who you are, not having to pay the sales tax would give each citizen more buying power, more bang for the buck. In California it would mean that I would have 10% more to spend on my family. I don't care how rich or poor you are that would be helpful. If you spent $100 that would give you $10 more to spend because rather than having to pay that useless sales tax, you would still have $10 in your wallet to spend on whatever YOU see fit. Now if you spend $1,000 that would be $100 more for you spend on your family.

As a side note, what would my California legislature do with that money? Apparently nothing. Well,  I guess it might go for covering the cost of going without a budget for 100 days! I guess they need to cover the cost of the buffet. Again, the self-absorbed, self-serving, do nothing, good for nothing, can't pass a budget knuckleheads that have the nerve to take hard earned tax payer money and misuse it, would only flush that $10 or $100 or a million dollars down the drain of entitlements and special interests. But, I digress.

A Green Tuesday would help businesses too because it would obviously generate more sales. Not only that but businesses would not have to worry about the sales tax either. Less to deal with, less to worry about, more sales, more profits. It's a win win for the common man and woman.

So, join me in a push for a No Tax Green Tuesday following each Thanksgiving.

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