Sunday, December 5, 2010

Loose Cannon Fire 12 4 10

Gunfight and Airstrike in Korengal ValleyImage by The U.S. Army via Flickr

Lock an load, duck and cover. enjoy the loose cannon fire of the week.

Four years ago all we would of heard is how Bush has ruined Americas image and blame Bush, Blame Bush, Blame Bush.
Who will Obama blame now?
Mr. President, how will YOU assure Americans that our national interests are being protected? Or is this just some form of "transparency"?

"In essence, the LAO concludes that the budget is already out of whack because the Legislature and governor papered over the state’s fiscal problems."
Same Legislature with a governor of the same political party (as the Legislature) that was 100 days late on one of the most pathetic attempts at a budget ever seen. Is there hope that they will care if Californians suffer while they play politician? None at all.
Now we have all Democrats, all the time.
Show us the jobs. Show us the prosperity.

Why tunnel when they can just walk across? And if we don't let them, they can just ask the US Attorney General to sue on their behalf.

Really? I wonder what Winston Churchill would have to say about "transparency.? If the whole world was nice and everybody was nice and only nice things happened transparency would be lovely. But it's not always a nice world. Sometimes there are real enemies who only want to destroy us. To them transparency is just a way for them to know where we are weakest and easiest to defeat. Sort of like leaving the door unlocked when you know a killer is in your neighborhood.

I think the main thing is that the time is better for teaching and testing. Whether I agree with the emphasis on testing or not it is real and determines quite a bit. As it is now, the month of school is pretty much a throw-away.

Centrists? That is why the Tea Party came about, because centrist is a sneaky way of moving leftist.

Why does the ACLU spend so much time, money and effort on the criminal element? If they were truly about civil liberties shouldn't they be more concerned with the victims?

Runaway Girl - Red flags all around on this one.
The good news is that at least one foster parent seemed good and trustworthy enough to the 13 year old to try to seek refuge there.
The concern: What or who was she trying to "avoid"?

Firefighters - It is a pay cut..
It may be a necessary measure to balance the books. It will take along time to get back that pay.
If you work in the private sector, don't be angry at the firefighters for having a good benefit program. Negotiate yourself one.

It is incredible that states must seek to pass measures to get their governments to do what they are supposed to do.
If this is to happen the measure must be somehow protected (in its' presentation and appeal) from the insane and venomous propaganda of the left. You know, "Pete Wilson hates Mexicans" bologna.
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