Monday, December 13, 2010

Just a Little Cannon Fire

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It has been a horrible time for Californians.
A foolish group of State legislatures who legislated over 1.2 million jobs out of California in the last 5 years alone.
A Democrat in Republican clothing of a Governor.
Next, a clueless populace that votes in the same group that put them into the mess they are in.
And we voted for a simple majority to eliminate the check and balance of legislature.
Schwarzenegger AND the legislature have been lame all around.

Until we have a President and a Congress that understands that America needs to produce products and that the governments jobs is to make that not only possible but probable, we will just become a has been nation.
Why is China doing well? Their government understands that to make money they must produce. And produce they do.
Who is lending to who?

After 22 years in education from Compton and Vernon to San Pedro, Elementary to High School, parents make the school. Yes, good teachers and administrators are helpful,but, if the parents are not insistent that their children succeed, educational success will just be a mirage. Parents must read with their children and monitor their school work.
My children attend a decent school district. The teachers are OK. But, it is still the parents that do what they must to ensure success, whether that means going over homework with their children or getting them a tutor.
Going charter will not change anything unless the parents change.

"We are looking at a $25-billion deficit," Leno said. "Voters need to understand what damage would be done if it were resolved with cuts alone."
Here we go my fellow Californians. Damage to what? The legislature moronic budgets that do nothing but create debt and drive businesses and jobs out of state?
Revenue for the state, less money in the taxpayers' pockets, the way of the liberal, that is Jerry's plan.

The La Habra teachers  are pretty gutsy striking in this political and financial climate.
They should take the furlough days but avoid the pay cuts and be very careful of the pay for "some of the health benefits" stuff.  
I went through a strike and pay cuts in LA. It took over ten year to get our pay back up to what it was before the cuts.
By-the-way, teachers salaries should make up the bulk of the budget because they do the work of teaching (a bit obvious).
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