Thursday, December 16, 2010

Parenting and Scouting, Pop Tarts and Smiles

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The problem with being an A Type personality is it is next to impossible to just to a little of anything. My dad once bought 2 shopping carts full of Pop Tarts, because they were good. I have never bought 2 shopping carts of any one item, but, I find myself diving in head first and going full boar or not going at all. 

I have been consumed by my sons' Cub Scout Pack as of late. I shared on an earlier post how I was volunteered as a leader. I don't  mind. I like working with people and more importantly I want to see my son have a great experience as a Cub Scout. The former leader was a man of many words with little action. I know I can be a man of MANY words but, I hope I back them up with actions a plenty. 

I rechartered our pack. I attended the University of Scouting. I called a parents planning meeting. I sent out flyers to schools in the area (my wife actually did the bulk of the work, she's awesome). I am learning all the things we should of been doing. 

I am blessed to have some great parents in the Pack. Some are beginning to step up and help. And you know what? That really is what being a parent is all about, doing what you need to do so your child can have a great scouting experience. My philosophy of parent involvement is that if you want your child to enjoy something or be successful at it, it is up to you. I want my son to enjoy scouting, so I am doing what I need to do to make that happen. Now as an A Type personality, I have dove in and found myself knee deep in Cub Scouting and to be honest, I am having a great time. More importantly, my son is enjoying being  a Cub Scout too. Two weeks ago, one of the fathers, a member of the Coast Guard arranged for the pack to visit the hanger where the Coast Guard helicopters are housed and repaired. If you could of seen the smile on my sons face when he was being lifted up in the rescue basket and into the helicopter...I swear if he was eating cake the frosting would of been on his ears...that is what scouting is about. 
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