Tuesday, November 9, 2010

No Tax Tuesday: Where Will We Be Led?

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The American people, except California, made a statement last Tuesday. Led  by the Tea Party's mobilization and articulation of the general populaces' cry for less taxation and less government intrusion was made. The question is whether or not this group of Representatives will be able to lead a massive tax reform and equally important reform of the recent expansion of government.  

The biggest problem they face is the group of hard line, shall I say extremist, liberal who are either too entrenched in their ideology and or blind to the reality of the America the rest of us actually live in. I am an ordinary American citizen. I can not afford to pay more taxes. I can not afford to pay the taxes I am already paying.

I am making a call to the old guard and the newly elected Representatives; we are Taxed Enough Already, actually, too much already. If I have to cut back, people who receive entitlements have to cut back too. Make the tough calls. America needs you to help us, not tax us.
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