Friday, November 12, 2010

Flush 'em Friday

A flushing toilet.Image via Wikipedia
It's Flush 'em Friday! I really want to know who YOU want to see Flushed out of your city, state and/or country!

This Friday, November 12, 2010, I would like to see the President of these United States and his pathetic attempts at negotiating Flushed right down the old flusher. I mean, he can't even negotiate with South Korea. He did about as good as you can expect from someone who knows nothing of a free market capitalist economy. He has spent the majority of his life pontificating with fellow educational liberals about the need for our great country to follow in the paths of failed socialism and Marxism. President Obama is a liberal. He has Timothy Geithner as Treasury Secretary for Pete's sake!!! What hasn't that pompus clown messed up? Let's flush him too! These are people who believe in more government control and actually think they can control the market. They gave banks and car makers money so banks didn't have to deal with the bad loans they made and car makers...just got bailed out. Flush 'em all!

Now, I want to know who YOU WANT FLUSHED!

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