Saturday, November 13, 2010

Loose Cannon Fire 11 13 10

Harris shutter cannon fire revisitedImage by Thiophene_Guy via Flickr
A few cannon shots from the Voice:

Bluberman was a dufus as a sports caster. So, what requires less intelligence? Liberal political analyst.
Who's he related to that they need to keep him on staff?

Gloria Allred is nothing but a high profile ambulance chasing lawyer. She does not care about justice and has no sense of right or wrong. If she did know the difference between right and wrong she would understand the axiomatic truth that illegal is against the law. she might also understand that stealing someone identity is immoral and illegal.

The only way that businesses come is if the City can somehow counteract the anti business depression by taxation policies of our state legislature.
We could of voted them out, but, we chose more liberal leaders.
Here's hoping against hope.

"Others say they are still clinging to the hope of comprehensive immigration reform, focusing on legalizing those who are here illegally."
Others = left wing liberals
It is not reform it is calling illegal legal, wrong right.
We need immigration enforcement and a President who will protect America.

GW Bush - I saw the interview.
How refreshing to not hear a President man up and not blame everyone else.

Missile? No, no, it is was the cost of insurance under the Obamacare plan.

The POTUS vs. South Korea - First of all when you send a boy to do a mans job...The POTUS is simply demonstrating why he is totally unequipped for his job. He's a socialist!!! What the @#&% does he know about a global capitalistic market? NOTHING!!! All he knows how to do is blame the capitalists, not how to support them.
American needs to produce actual commodities. We can not just be consumers. Americas economic problems are because we do not produce (thanks to government policies that tax the life blood out of businesses) not because we do not consume.
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