Monday, August 23, 2010

The President's Religion: The Cult of Self

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I read a news caption asking why the POTUS doesn't wear his religion on his sleave. What? That's like asking why a Zebra doesn't show us it's stripes.

The President is an obvious charter member of the cult of self.  He's got to be the biggest poser since Duran Duran and the 80's poser boy bands. The signature siloete looking to the left, waiting for the cameras to flash.

I mean, really, the POTUS 's self glorification almost makes former POTUS  Wild Bill s addiction with self-gratification seem childish. How many vacations must unemployed US citizens watch him take?

"It sure is hopeful  seeing pictures of the POTUS  and his family on vacation while I'm on welfare looking for job.
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