Friday, August 20, 2010

Nancy Pelosi, I'll Tell You Where to Look

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Who does Nancy Pelosi think she is? Just what kind of power does she think she wields? It is one thing to ask who is possibly behind the resistance to the building of a mosque so close to the site of a Muslim attack on the United States of America, which sounds foolish in its’ own right. But, it is entirely different as a Senator of the USA to say she is going to look into it.

Just what does Nancy Pelosi think she is going to do? What does she think she can do? Would she do what her party does and bring a law suit against those who are against the mosque?  Attempting to litigate those who disagree with her into submission.

This, to me, it is just another arrogant remark by a power hungry liberal. If she hadn’t already proven to be the type of person who cares little about those she professes to represent, I would think of it as a dumb comment. But, she actually believes that she can and she should control those who would disagree with her about building this monument to the attack on the very nation she professes her allegiance to. That is exactly why she is one of the most dangerous people in government. If she doesn’t believe that the health care bill, which took over 1/6 of the economy, and the bail outs and take over of Wall Street, which take a generation just to figure out how badly we have been enslaved to debt, if , she doesn’t really believe that those actions will help Americans, then she is evil. If she believes that she is helping the country then she is just plain daft.

For those of you who like a nut cracker white liberal. She is custom built for you. Arrogance in politics is believing that your going to “help those people” (yes it sounds condescending to me too) rather than assuring people the freedom to help themselves.

So, Nancy Pelosi, look elsewhere. Look at American and listen to us say, “Get out!”
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