Monday, July 26, 2010

Oh No, It's Antonio

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I live in Southern California, in a suburb of Los Angeles. My grandparents bought, lost and bought a home in Los Angeles during the great depression. I  work for the second largest school district in the country, Los Angeles Unified School District. I like to call us, LA Dis-unified.

Recently, the mayor of LA, Antonio Villaraigosa, has made the news quite a bit. Not for the plans he has to bring more business and jobs to LA, which I don't think he has. Not for the brilliant way he has handled the budget crisis which the whole state, country and world is facing. Not for the way he has tried to take over schools and staffing them with overpaid and under experienced people looking for an educational silver bullet.

What I do hear about the mayor is that he is dating a newscaster, not reporting free tickets to local sporting events, showing up for photo ops, and of course, falling off his bike.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is much more concerned about "his" image rather than the strength of his city. Los Angeles needs jobs. Los Angeles needs to be a city that is business friendly. I don't see Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa doing anything to make businesses want to come to LA.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has tried to take over LAUSD by planting people on the school board and trying to run several schools. If you want to see childish, immature people "acting" like adults watch a LAUSD board meeting, if  you can stay awake. Look at the "diversity" of staff at the Mayors schools. If that's diverse I am the Prince of Persia. 

Check out Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's work with the LAPD. He cuts overtime and gives millions to "gang prevention mediators" I think they are called. The police I talk to say the mediators are involved in a lot of crimes. But Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa pays them and supplies them with Blackberry phones. 

For me, it's "OH no, Antonio."

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