Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wrong is wrong not matter what the song!

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I keep hearing the same old emotionally charged songs full of gibberish from supporters of illegal immigration. They attach it to womens' rights, to the prejudice felt by many African Americans, to the sad stories of families being torn apart by the separation that would result from deportation for being ILLEGAL.  But, they never address the truth. Illegal is wrong.

Until someone from the "illegals should be legal" camp can tell us why they, just because they look like some of our legal citizens, should be allowed to freely and without any process, that immigrants from other nations go through, enter our great county, I do not want to hear the dumpster loads of emotional blather we hear being propagated by the media.

When will the mainstream media show some real honesty and ask why illegal immigrants should be allowed across the Mexican border and immigrants from Africa and Asia and Europe should bother with following the law?

When is the mainstream media going to have the courage to investigate the La Raza movement? Will they ask the obvious question, would Americans rather be under American laws and protections or  cartels, opps I mean  Mexican protection and laws?

When will judges be held accountable for ruling as if they were above the law?

Wrong is wrong. Illegal is illegal no matter how much you emotionalize it.
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