Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Get Off the Phone!

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It’s the law, isn’t it?! Yet, the more time I am on the road each day the more I am confronted with them. They turn without using their turn signal. They sit at a green light until someone honks at them to GO! They drive abnormally slow and swerve all over the road. They run red lights.

Who are these non-engaged drivers? Drunks? Not necessarily? Drug addicts? These are a growing number of drivers, regardless of age or gender, race or political stance, who drive while texting on their cell-phone.

I am blessed in that I only live about a five minute commute to work each day. Yet, it is not uncommon that once on the way to work and once on the way home from work to have to negotiate a texting “Doofenshmirtz” cluelessly texting away while almost driving.

I know it’s illegal, but, I guess I haven’t seen anyone pulled over for texting while driving. There is data being gathered about it. But, it is a rather new phenomenon.  So, there is no Mother's Against Texting While Driving group to draw serious attention to the growing problem.

Here’s my dilemma; do I make a phone call while I’m driving to report these texting menaces’?
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