Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fatherhood Our Countries Most Powerful Weapon

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Despite the habitual maligning of men and fatherhood by TV, movies, and the media in general, I believe fathers are some of the most important people in our society.

I may not agree with President Obama on hardly anything politically, but on the importance of being a father, yes. I saw the images of the President and his family on vacation this weekend and while I might think there are pressing political issues that need his attention I do see the value in that image. Our whole society needs to honor and respect men who are good and faithful fathers. So, I commend the President for displaying that image, we all need to see it and emulate it.

We as men need to be unafraid to be men and fathers. I do not expect some to understand that being a man is different than being a women and being a father is different than being a mother. Men and women are different and think differently and make decisions differently. Better, no. Inferior, no. Just different. I need my wife and she needs me. Our children need us.

My children need me to be their father more than they need me to be their friend. You know how it goes, “But dad, you don’t understand…” Actually I do understand and that is why I say no. They need me to stand strong.

My children need to know right from wrong. Society needs my children to know right from wrong.

My father taught me not only right from wrong but also how to treat other people. Dad, as we were growing up would say some things that might make you think he was prejudice. But, if you observed the way he shook hands with everyone, looked them in the eye and called them sir or ma’am and taught us to do so also, you saw a man who had no prejudice in his actions. Actions reflect what is truly in a mans inner being. I remember two gentlemen who moved the family like five times over a twenty some year period. Dad remembered their names and talked to them about their kids, whom he remembered I think by name. I have never forgotten how those men were around my dad. These men were of a different race and color than dad but dad treated them like anyone else, with respect.

I got a job once because my dad was, “A heck of a guy, I’d do anything for him.”

From my father I have learned not only right from wrong but how to treat others and how to get along in the world.

Now, I teach my children. Actions speak longer than words.

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