Monday, June 7, 2010

Objectivity and Newspapers like truth and and a carfaxless used car salesman

What is a newspaper supposed to do besides provide covering for the bottom of my bird cage? I thought newspapers provided me with truthful objective information and opinions in the opinion section. That was until I was in my late teens when I figured out that newspapers and worse yet network news were mostly just an extension of the democratic party, their propaganda division. In my twenties I really began to appreciate the even coverage of any  issue or election. The debates between sides were always great fun if you likes watching a bully. I mean, it always seemed that network news found the dumbest, meekest and ill-informed conservative they could find in the food line on skid row.
The only thing worse than network news was a show like Phil Donahoe! He was especially fair to Christians. I remember one "debate" with like five atheists vs. one really weak Christian and one intelligent one. Of course the atheists just yelled and Phil "moderated" the debate by cutting the Christians off and mocking the ideals he said they were saying but never got to say because Phil moderated them out of the conversation. A few years later when a colleague of mine went to a taping of his show and she came back with only a strong  impression of what a self-absorbed ass he was, I was not surprised. 
So, when the LA times published an article entitled "Choosing not to choose" I thought it might be worth a read. Bla bla bla we won't take a side yet

I don't want the LA times to tell me their opinion if it's not in the opinion section! I want the LA Time and all other newspapers and agencies to present the facts and let me decide. 

Thus saith me.

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