Friday, June 11, 2010

Batten down the borders!

“Mexican police say 55 bodies have been recovered from an abandoned mine that appears to have been used as a mass grave by drugs gangs.”   2,200 arrested in U.S. crackdown on Mexican drug cartels” are just two headlines of articles that should alarm you. Yet, some still feel that the immigration and border laws are acts of prejudice aimed at people of Mexican decent. No, the Mexican drug cartels are out of control and the federal government is not doing it's job and so the states must deal with the problem(s) as best they can. America has enough troubles with drugs and gangs without the “migration” or “immigration” of any more. Batten down the hatches, lock the doors, build a bigger fence, make a shark filled mote, whatever needs to be done, but just keep them out!
Now, before any of you bleeding hearts get yourselves all riled up, that doesn’t mean don’t let anybody in, but, only let those who enter legally. That is why all nations have immigration laws. Laws protect those who obey the law. Laws are written to protect citizens. Elected officials are responsible to protect the citizens by doing such things as making sure the borders are secure. I am not seeing that with the Obama administration. Projects started to strengthen the border are stalled and the emotional pleas of illegal immigrants are weighed in the balance with greater value than laws and the needs of those of us who are law abiding citizens.  

A good friend and colleague of mine became a citizen of these United States and then put himself through college. He eventually met a wonderful woman from his native country El Salvador, fell in love, and got married. Her paper work took longer than expected so she ended up having to go back to El Salvador for a few months before her visa cleared. They could have gone the easy rout and tried to have her stay in the country illegally hoping that she didn’t get caught. But, they chose to do things the right/legal way even though it was difficult.  Sometimes doing the right thing is more difficult, and may even require sacrifice, but hasn’t sacrifice always been a hallmark of American culture?

Thus saith me.

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