Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Go green, go broke

I just paid $14.97 for two new light bulbs for my bathroom, for the third time this year. They are the new "green" bulbs which are supposed to be more efficient and cost saving. I don't remember replacing my old light bulbs more than once a year if that. The stupid things cost more and last at best 25% as long! I don't notice a savings on my electric bill either. So, what's my point? Is going green really saving me money or is it just putting my green in some "green" company's pocket?

What about if I would like to go green with regards to my car? Well, here I can make another donation to someone's wealth fund other than mine. Hybrids start at $19,000! Compare the prices of a Toyota Prius and Yaris. The Prius starts at $21K and the Yaris starts at $12,605! That would have to be a $9,000 savings in gas over the course of five years ($150 per month!) for it to make any real difference to me.

I say going green is for the most part a crock! I just means my green into someone else's back account. Until it saves ME, the consumer actual dollar bills, it is just a scam to make money for someone else.

Thus saith me.

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