Friday, May 21, 2010

Cheerio Camper

When I was like 5 years old I dreamed of being able to go on going camping adventures. Mom was divorced; we lived with Granny and Grandpa. Money was tight, but love was not. My creative mind had to make do with what I had. So, I would take the empty cereal boxes and run string through the sides and make a backpack out of it. (I’m sure there are other Cheerio campers out there.)Then I would hike around the yard and set up camp. I had a great time.

This weekend my youngest son has a Cen-ten-o-ree camp out. The theme is the 100th year of scouting which is being celebrated this year. We are really excited about it. The dust should be amazing in and of itself. We choose the meal option because…I didn’t want to be a slave to the kitchen. The food will be catered by fast food giants such as Carl’s Jr., McDonald’s, and Derweinerschnitzel.

The best part, seeing my son’s smile as he proudly adorns his Cub Scout uniform. Here’s to all the parents enjoying their children and living the dream through them.

Thus saith me.

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