Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Boycott Yourself, Janice

Well, big surprise, Janice Hahn calls on LA to boycott Arizona because she doesn’t agree with the immigration law Arizona has enacted. Again, I don’t know why even hope a liberal will think of the consequences of their actions. They ignore the fact that illegal is different than unwanted. I repeat, no one is saying that Arizona doesn’t want legal immigrants; although there is a time when a state and a country may not have the jobs available to support more people. Doesn’t the high unemployment rate being experienced nationwide tells us something?

Besides, Janice Hahn should probably do the right thing a make sure she takes better care of her hometown, San Pedro. Is there better real estate worth so little? There’s Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Palos Verde and then San Pedro. There is a reason why people who have the option to send their children to Palos Verde schools or San Pedro schools send them to Palos Verde. How have you helped with that issue Janice?

So I say boycott Janice Hahn right out of office.

Thus saith me.

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