Friday, January 11, 2013

The Lakers Defense, NHL, Gun Bans on Flush 'em Friday the 1 11 13 Edition

Happy Flush 'em Friday! Time to Flush  all that annoys you, insults you and/or bothers you.

This weeks' nominees are:

  • The Los Angeles Lakers defense. Oh wait, you'd have to have one to be able to flush it!
  • The NHL - just what were they thinking? 
  • People who want to ban "assault" weapons. Do you actual think that will stop criminals from obtaining them? That is a special kind of stupid.
  • California voters. I think if you don't pay taxes you should not be able to raise someone else's taxes. 
  • The price of hybrid/ green cars. It seems fiscally stupid that the cost of a car that is supposed to save money on gas is so much more than a regular car. 
  • The fiscal cliff because the end result was just more taxes on everyone and a lower standard of living for all. That's progressive. That's equality. That's liberal. That's stupid.
Please leave me any you would like to add.
Have a great week,

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