Wednesday, January 9, 2013


The following is some loose cannon fire from the last week. Feel free to leave some of your own.

The problem for the GOP, and the United States of America, is that reality is just no longer important. The perception of reality as politicians and the media portray it are important because it allows the ruling class to manipulate the citizens.
Reality, individuals can not spend more than they take in. Governments are the same. Yet , bailouts and borrowing make it appear to be possible. Eventually someone wants their money because they need it now.
Raising the debt ceiling is like taking out another credit card to pay the previous card.

Again EJ speaks crap as is it is truth. How much debt to you personally have EJ? If the mythical "Affordable Health Care" bill is lowering prices why has mine doubled since el Presidente took over? Why have so many states rejected it because it is not so affordable?
Now, about the really deceptive phrase "Tax Reform". Reform spoken by a politician or a liberal media propagandist such as DJ just means deform and with taxes that just means tax the populace into submission. Nothing this President has done has improved the state of living for the middle class. And enslaving millions via dependence on welfare is the most hideous and evil.   
EJ, you are the problem.

I love that story about Lincoln and Grant. And I completely agree that the republican party needs to buck it up and keep the the ideals that the party has stood for. The one thing that needs to be done is to articulate the message around the mainstream media. Pass the whiskey!

Here's the deal. It doesn't matter what the object is, if the person controlling it chooses to assault someone with said object, they will. Or they may choose not to do harm. The problem with your idea is that reality doesn't fit into it. Banning assault magazines or weapons will not stop  someone from either obtaining them illegally or finding another way to do harm.
I do not own a gun. I am not a member of the NRA. But, I know some people who do own guns and are members. The are smart enough to know Pelosi's double speak. The only thing her policies will do is disarm the public.

I'm with you Mark Thiessen. I think the GOP should ask for $2 of cuts for every $1 spent. The GOP has to make a stand.
American's are still in bondage to FDR's Social Security pyramid scheme and now we have the not so affordable "Affordable Health Care" bill to shackle any available limbs. So, make a stand GOP. No spending without cuts.

"We (the working class) must sacrifice so that we (the ruling class) may reap the benefits!" - CastrObama

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