Friday, November 16, 2012

The Media, Magic Johnson and Alan Kruegar on Flush 'em Friday the 11 16 12 Edition

Welcome one and all! Happy Flush 'em Friday! It's time to flush those and that which need a good old fashioned whirly twirly. The following is my list of flushables.

  • The Media/Propaganda Wing of the Left
  • CBS - What about Benghazi ? 
  • NBC - What about Benghazi ?
  • ABC - What about Benghazi ?
  • KCAL - What about Benghazi ?
  • KTLA - What about Benghazi ? Can you say Benghazi? They can't.
  • Magic Johnson -  OK, I kind of wish the Lakers brass would of hired Phil Jackson. That said, I think he stepped over the line. Thanks for sharing, now shut up!
  • Alan Kruegar - from the Presidents Council of Economic Advisers. Thinks that inflation is doing well. Thinks that as an adviser he'd not involved with the politics of it all. Repeated big plan = tax the wealthy. 
  • The word "reform" when spoken by a politician. 
  • President Obama for nominating someone and pissing a brick because someone questions their credentials. Grow up. 
That will do for now.

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