Tuesday, November 13, 2012

When Does Choice Begin?

If there is anything I learned from the election, from the primaries to the election night "coverage", was that some questions need to be reformed. I hope to write as many blog posts as I can concerning the issues as they are, not as the mainstream media says they are. I especially believe that Christians need to not allow themselves to be backed into moral corners with "Did you stop beating your wife, yes or no?" questions. 

The first is the question of abortion. The mainstream media and those who favor abortion on demand insist that the issue is a women's choice to do as she wishes with her body. I will only ask this question: When does choice begin? 

Does choice begin with the twinkle in your eye? With a decision to dine? Or maybe with a kiss good night? Maybe when you are just fooling around? When passion's ignite? I am just wondering when the right to choose first takes place. 

Maybe the right to choose begins in front of the Dr.'s office or a Planned Parenthood building? Does choice begin while you stare at  pregnancy test kit? Or maybe it begins when you miss your period? 

One day I was riding the Blue Line to work and two older ladies were discussing the "choice" of a thirteen year old girl. One of them said, "Well, I say if she wants to have a baby, let her have a baby! She has every right to do what ever she wants!" I was a bit stunned I will admit. Especially since they were discussing one of their granddaughters. My first thought was that if she could support herself and her child on her own, so be it. The problem is, that is not reality. Reality is that we, the working class support her. Don't tell me the government does, because the government relies on the working class (and the rich if you want to be politically correct) to "help" out those who can't help themselves. 

Back to the question of when choice begins. Maybe I should call it responsible choice or culpable choice. But, I am sure that many who would consider themselves "progressive" or "socially liberal" would struggle with either of those because it implies maturity and the possibility of morality concerning abortion. Which is what is really at the heart of it all. Is abortion wrong? So, my question stands: When does choice begin and when are you responsible for the choices that you make?

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