Thursday, November 22, 2012

What are you thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am pretty thankful for a lot of things:

  • for my right to worship God as I please.
  • for my family. Not everyone has a great wife and awesome children. I am blessed. 
  • for a job.
  • for friends. Old (Jesse the best man at my wedding, Billy, Nestor, Mark, and Miguel) and new (Big Lou, Chris, Frank, Wellington, and Leo just to name a few).
  • for a country where I can express my utter disbelief that enough people voted for a complete fraud and yet I can still have the hope that in the next four years he won't mess it up permanently (like FDR and his new deal we are STILL paying for) and indenture us and our posterity for time unseen. 
  • for that turkey I will eat with my family and friends.
  • for anyone who reads this blog. 
May God bless you and this great country we live in. Be thankful for all you do have. 

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