Friday, June 15, 2012

Tax hikes, Eric Holder, Jerry Sandusky, SWATers on Flush 'em Friday the 6 14 12 Edition

Happy Flush 'em Friday everybody! It is select the most worthy people, things or ideas to be given the old whirly-twirly. This week's list includes the following...

  • SWATers...self-justified terrorists who need a taste of their own medicine. 
  • Maxine slimy is she? What is under that wig?
  • People who voted for Maxine Waters again...I thought felons couldn't vote?
  • Eric Holder...what's he really holding? 
  • Jerry Sandusky....what a slimy, sick person.
  • Tax hikes, AKA "investments" in America which really are just political payouts and payoffs.
  • Obamanomics...relative math with absolutely no need to be truthful. 
  • can so many who so carelessly voted in the behemoth bill before even reading it shameless run for office again?
  • Obama...never has BS been so thick and held to so little scrutiny by the press. Every speech is beautifully crafted fiction. Abraham Lincoln was right; you can fool some of the people all of the time.
  • Orin Hatch and the Rhinos. If you are a Republican, be a Republican. 
  • All the other NHL teams who are not Stanley Cup Champions at this time. GO  KINGS!!!
  • Boxing...what a sham! Less credible than "professional wrestling". 
Well, that's all for now folks. Have a blessed and prosperous week.

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