Friday, June 22, 2012

Bus riding punks, J Sandusky's wife, Lisa Brown and College Ready Curriculum for All on Flush 'em Friday the 6 22 12 Edition

Hello everybody! Welcome again to Flush 'em Friday! It is time to grab your plunger and jam those worthy of flushing right down the old pipes! 

This week I would like to flush...

  • Nancy Pelosi - apparently botox does affect ones judgement. 
  • Charlie Sheen - same train wreck, just a different location.
  • Jerry Sandusky's wife - cold and clueless (let's just hope not co-operative).
  • Lisa Brown - for avoiding the responsibility of choosing what enters her body before "choosing" what goes out. 
  • The bus riding thugs/punks and the parents that spawned them who tormented the bus monitor. 
  • Eric Holder - for being a typical stooge. How do I know when he's lying? His lips are moving.
  • College ready curriculum...another liberal ideal with the hidden agenda of (look at the results) causing more students to fail, drop out school, and just plain give up.
  • LA school board -  a perfect blend of ignorant and corrupt.
  • People who still text while driving.
I would welcome some additions...
Happy Flush 'em Friday!

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