Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Playing With Other People's Money

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The funny thing about other people's money or money you didn't earn is that for most people it's like play money or funny money. Unfortunately, for may many politicians, playing with our hard earned taxes is just playing with funny money. If they run out many politicians think they'll just print more, tax more, or borrow more. 

I commend the Republicans for rejecting the proposal to raise the debt limit. The only problem is that Republican leader Eric Cantor said, "there is no support in the People’s House for a debt limit increase without real spending cuts and binding budget process reforms." So, does that mean Eric Cantor and many Republicans would agree to raise the debt ceiling if certain conditions are met? This is what frightens me about politicians, they say things but do another. They say what people want to hear but play with money like it will never run out. Some people want to hear that the debt ceiling will not rise because they know debt is debt. Other people just want to hear that certain programs will be funded and how it happens matters not. Eric just  pandered to both. He is saying no more debt but leaving room for it if certain "real" cuts happen. 

My message to all politicians: NO DEBT. REDUCE THE BONDAGE OF DEBT!
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