Thursday, July 28, 2011

How does less choice equal more freedom?

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One of the good things about living where I live is the choice to eat where I want to and pretty much (budget allowing) what I want.  There are quite a few choices available in the south bay and I like that. I like to be able to choose a big fat burger and fries or a little thin piece of ingredients and a bun with fruit if I so choose.

Now, I have a friend who thinks that Coke is the best cola and can not understand why anyone would drink Pepsi. I happen to prefer Pepsi. For all the reasons she likes coke, I don't like Coke. For all the reasons she does not like Pepsi, I do. So, they order Coke, I order Pepsi. It is a little but significant freedom that we enjoy here in these United States of America, called choice. Freedom to choose Pepsi or coke, a wonderful whole beef burger or a skimpy little piece of vegetables compressed into the shape of a burger and seasoned to cover the taste of the ingredients. Choice. 

As a parent I like to be able to teach my children responsibility and offer them the opportunity to make a choice as a reward. The choice may be as simple as choosing what color of clothing or maybe fries or apples with there Happy Meal. Call it responsible freedom.

What I find very disturbing is when the government gets involved in my choices of anything. So, when I find that the government is "choosing" apples for my child's Happy Meals or taking the toy out of kids meals I am more than disturbed, I am angry.

The question is this: How is the loss of choice equal to a gain in freedom? Quite simply, it is not. Who is it that thinks they know better than every parent? Who is it that believes I, as a parent, and you as a parent, are not fit or able to make a good choice for ourselves or our children? Your basic liberal, that is who.

I say that this nonsense must stop! 
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