Thursday, February 24, 2011

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When I came home from work yesterday my youngest son came up and gave me a hug. Then I kissed my wife and hugged my daughter. After changing and settling down a bit I looked over my son's homework and went over a few things with him. He is in third grade and in math they are reviewing multiplication and division facts. The sad thing is, I have not spent much if any time going over his multiplication facts with him, yet, he pretty much knows them all. He said he did make a times table chart at school once. So, I am happy he is doing well but, sort of embarrassed that I have done so little. Now, my wife does go over his homework before I get home. I guess he has a better memory than mine.

What is good is that I can enjoy some other things with him rather than just going over his homework. I am really thankful that I can come home and enjoy my family. Work has been pretty intense and the stress levels are high, and, I deal with middle school students and their parents on a daily basis, so, enjoying my children makes it all worth it. I hope you are able to enjoy the family and friends given to you. 
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