Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Brown Vs Whitman Final Debate

I'll admit I am biased toward the right. So, it would be pretty tough for Jerry to convince me to vote for him. He might be able to, if I just took what he said as the complete picture of who he is and didn't consider his past, who he really is. For instance, he says California needs green jobs. Whitman counters with the fact that only 3% of the jobs are green in California and what does Jerry plan to do about the other 97%? Brown just blew by the question and blathered on about Whitman wanting to give "rich" people tax breaks. Again, he didn't say that those same tax breaks would not help Californian's who are not (in his view) "rich." 

I think Whitman has improved as a debater and did very well considering the obviously liberal crowd. I mean, come on, even Wild Bill Clinton recognized Jerry Brown was a self-serving re-invent yourself slouch (takes one to know one sort of thing). Yet the crowd cheered for Brown as he  made emphatic yet harmless points.  That Whitman was able to elicit any kind of positive response from that crowd was actually impressive. I don't think Brown made himself look like any less of an slime-ball in respect to the "whore" comment. 

Browns main objective seems to me to try to convince Californians that now that he is older and married he is no longer a political knucklehead. If your a young voter you won't remember just what a reckless knucklehead he is. He didn't convince me. It doesn't seem like he has to convince your average Democrat. He just has to make sure he casts Whitman in a "rich taking from the poor" light. He will hope that the same people who vote for the likes of Maxine Waters and Barbara Boxer will vote blindly for him also.

The bottom line, over 1,200,000 jobs have been lost in California since 2005 alone under Democratic leadership. Vote the job killing, take your money, turn off your water money mongers out!

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