Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Propaganda Wing of the Left Attacks Whitman on the Right

Well it didn't take long for the propaganda wing of the Democratic Party to fire a salvo at Meg Whitman. Less than 24 hours after her debate with life-long politician Jerry Brown out comes a "Breaking story" of Meg Whitman being mean to a illegal alien she formally employed as a housekeeper,Nicandra Daiz Santillan. 

Isn't it just too convenient, just too coincidental, just too expected to be a surprise? And who is the slime-ball/ lawyer representing the illegal alien who falsified her documents and lied to Meg Whitman concerning her legal status in the United States? Why Gloria Allred of course. Allred accused Whitman of exploiting, disrespecting, humiliating, and emotionally and financially abusing Nicandra Daiz Santillan. It shouldn't be hard for Allred to find a jury of Santillan's peers.

I would love to be on that jury! Only a liberal like Allred would defend Santillan. She is an illegal alien! She has no rights! Santillan exploited the Whitman's and is now on a mutual exploitation tour with Gloria Allred to see what they exploit from Whitman. Allred, a personal friend of Jerry Brown is doing her part to help.

Allred's appearance should signal to the undecided that Brown stands with those who claim to help the downtrodden but in truth, only exploit them to their own ends. This isn't about Diaz Santillan, it's about Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman.  

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