Monday, September 27, 2010

Boxer Comes Out Swinging, Hits Herself

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Have you seen Barbara Boxer's TV adds against Carly Fiorina? I am sure you have. Man, the old broad has come out swinging, throwing hay-makers all over the place. The adds depict Carly Fiorina as a heartless, greedy, and inept business person who outsourced jobs.

That is pretty brave of Barbara Boxer, considering how may jobs have been lost to Californians under her leadership. Since 2005, 1,289,700 (that's right ONE MILLION, TWOHUNDREDEIGHTYNINETHOUSAND, SEVENHUNDRED!!!) private sector jobs have been lost in California (as of July 2010). Now she has been in office for a lot longer than that, so, she can't blame it on someone else. Plus, her fellow Democrats hold the California state legislature and set the policies there. But, since she has been in office  (as of 2005), 38, 100 government jobs have been created, burdening the tax paying Californians with  an average cost of $90,000 per government employee.

I will say this, Barbara Boxer has protected a fish. She does believe the economy has been stimulated and she must be addressed as "Senator." She also likes to discuss "green" policies with possible Supreme Court Justices during Senate hearings.  I guess her favorite color is green, your green in someone's pocket.

In boxing, just because someone throws some wild hay-maker punches does not mean they are the better boxer, they just may be aggressive but out of control. I think that holds true in political debate.  Just because someone says some wild crazy things hoping to injure their opponent, doesn't mean  the statements will hit home. Under the leadership of Senator Barbara Boxer, we have seen wild ideas and uncontrolled spending drive our great state into the high-unemployment abyss. It seems to me that Barbara Boxer is throwing hay-makers and flaying away. To some she may seem aggressive, but to me she's just and old has been hoping for a knockout punch. Vote out Boxer!
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