Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Politician vs. the Businesswoman

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Except for the five years I was in college I have lived in California my whole life. I was born here. I have seen governs run our state all over the place. I have seen the Jerry Brown show before and it wasn't pretty. So, after watching the Brown vs. Whitman gubernatorial debate I was wondering who Jerry Brown was talking about. I mean, after he left office the first time, there was no debate over "if" he was an awful governor, just how inept he was. Which begs the question: Who was Jerry Brown talking? If he was 1/2 as competent as he portrayed himself to be, he would of beat Wild Bill Clinton as the  Democratic nominee for President. But, he wasn't then, and he isn't now. 

One of Jerry's favorite scapegoats is "the rich." People like Meg Whitman. Brown did what Democrats love to do  and that is blame rich people for being rich and not paying enough taxes, and that businesses should not be allowed to use "loopholes." It never ceases to mystify me that liberals actually believe they can tax businesses and an economy into growth. Business operate on a profit basis. They need to make a profit to grow. With growth comes the possibility for expansion and new jobs. If you tax a business, they leave to find where they can operate and make a profit, which they have been. 

Meg Whitman stressed that she wanted to bring businesses back to California and thus jobs. California is not a business friendly state. Californians need not only a governor who understands that businesses must flourish but Californians need at state legislature that will vote in business friendly bills. Basically, what Whitman was saying is that Californians need jobs now! One point that she made was that the "green" jobs that Brown refers to only represent 3% of the jobs. Whitman talks about 100% of the jobs and Brown dwells on 3%. 

Over one million Californians have lost their jobs (since 2005) under the leadership of the Democratic state legislature. Do we need a another Democrat chasing out businesses? I say, no. 
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