Tuesday, August 17, 2010

NoTax Tuesday: They tax My Coffee, They Tax My Tea...

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They tax my coffee
They tax my tea
They tax my baby
They tax me.
I make, they take.

They say my money is their to take
To redistribute for those they hate.
"Let's tax the wealthy!" they always say,
But it's my money that doesn't stay.

Giving money to banks to play
To car makers not intending to pay.
The goods and services are green they say,
Which means more money I will pay,
for goods and services
that do not last a day.

Ah, enough of the bashing you will say,
Listen to the President, to what he say.
"Have hope, my dope, it will be OK,
'Cuz I'm the President, that's what I say!"

So, they'll tax my coffe
They'll tax my tea
They'll tax my baby
And they'll tax me.
I'll vote in November
and any time between
To rid this country of this vile scene.

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